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About Us

The state of restaurants in America is a curious one. It seems that as strip centers and corporate chain restaurants proliferate at a frantic pace, and the array of dining choices grows exponentially, nothing really changes. Or at least, the more things change – the more they stay the same. Take the chain restaurants, throw their offerings in a bag, shake ‘em up, dump ‘em out, and it all tastes the same. On the surface, there are myriad options for diners these days. There are restaurants with 400 menu items and 1000 different wine selections. That might be a few too many. 

At FIVE we make it a bit easier. We have five dinners, five wines, and five signature cocktails. We have a bar stocked with everything you need and nothing more. Of course, when you only have five dinners, they had better be good – and ours are. We source our products locally. Everything we prepare is made from scratch. We offer great value and service in a hipped up atmosphere. 

There are many complications in life - dining out shouldn’t be one of them. We invite you to our restaurant so that you can see what a difference a commitment to simplicity, good food, and stellar service can have when dining out.

Our Community